Friday, October 27, 2006

Sunday Scribblings ~Bedtime~

She was a restless woman, mind was always racing. She took sleep when it found her. Every night at bedtime, life crept into her dreams, and made for many sleepless nights. She awoke in a sweat, whimpering, feeling as tired as when she went to bed the night before.
She slowly opened her eyes and glanced at the alarm clock. It was 6am, she fumbled with the covers not really wanting to get out of bed and wander out to the real world. Could she face the day? What lay ahead of her?
She sat up on the side of the bed, rubbed her eyes, and with a quick movement removed herself from the warmness that she had lay in....
She would deal with the day as it came, and wait for the next time, *bedtime* that presented itself to her.

**Thanks for reading, I haven't written a short story in quite some time, I usually write poems, scrapbook etc. Well this week I attempted to write a very short story, maybe in the near future it'll be longer.**

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Sunday Scribblings" ~If she could turn back time~

If she could turn back time. . .

If she could turn back time, she would go back to the moments in her life
When it meant the most
The times she spent with her father before her parents divorced
While she was a child and felt unimportant
The indulgence of popcorn with her grandfather
The walks and laughter shared with her dear granny
The guy she met years ago, the things that should have been said, that weren’t
The day of her wedding, time went so fast
The two years of being in South Korea, her heart longed to be there again
The carefree days of college…
The times the dr’s messed with her pills, wish she had a voice back then
To all the times she thought she couldn’t do things…
To go back in time would be nice, but she had to focus on the present and future…
She still wished tho at times…