Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunday Scribblings ~Nemesis~

Firstly I have meant to do all the Sunday Scribblings, but have missed the last say 3 of them? Hopefully I can catch up on these soon.
Lots going on in my life at this time, and I am making a point of writing!

Okay so my nemesis is not someone imparticular, it's a whole mindset that some people have.
How do I explain? I guess the best way I know how.
I sometimes get very anxious and have an anxiety disorder of some sort. It could be due to stress in my life, living in S, Korea and then returning to my home and learning how to re-enter into my normal everyday routine that I had here. Or that I try to fit some sort of normal mold, but then again what is normal? It's just something society has put on us isn't it?
I am sensitive and I won't lie about that. I am very much a people person, try to help others out etc. I can be your best friend, but if you cross me too many times, I can detest you...

I hate being put in a box and labelled, because of some people that don't understand me.
I find it almost ignorant that because I maybe had an anxiety attack, that others go, "what's wrong?", "I don't understand you"...did anyone tell you that you had to understand me? Do I look into your life and go I don't get you? Well sometimes yes, sure we all do. But isn't trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes and trying to see from their viewpoint beneficial?
I can't stand ignorance. And if others want to label me or others with something, go ahead. You are not in my life, you have no idea what goes on in my life, my mind etc...

I know this sounds bitter, maybe I am bitter right now.

Just got let go at a job, due to me having a hard day. It happened, we get over it, we move on right?
Wrong we get told we are let go. Umm excuse me, you suffer from the same things as I do, but instead I am let go...

So I guess my nemesis are those that are ignorant and can't take a few minutes to view something from someone else's viewpoint, or to look in with compassion....

Thanks for stopping by, seriously I am not going to bite. ;)

I'll try to write something more nicely next time, hehe...right now I just needed to get that out. Thanks Sunday Scribblings.

Sure hope this made sense, and that I didn't mess it up. lol...